QuikRead go CRP

QuikRead go CRP

QuikRead go CRP is a quick and very precise device which analyze quantitively the C reactive protein value in blood, serume, or plasma.

The examination lasts few minutes and the result is as precise as the long lasting laboratory test. The CRP result can be used as additive tool to diagnose a bacterial infection. For those who has infection with high CRP value an antibiotic therapy will be initiated. In the other case where the CRP will be low, we might wait with the antibiotic therapy as it is probably viral infection. For the quick Test we will need a small drop of blood (like in blood sugar measurement) unlike in the laboratory test where big blood examination is needed.


Quickread go Strep A

In patients suffering from throat ache, it can be challanging to differntiate a viral pharyngitis from a streptococci (bacterial) infection which would be treated with antibiotics.

QuikRead go Strep A is a quick diagnostic method which uses the throat swab of the patient and deliver a precise value if the patient suffers from the bacterial infection or not. The result will be showed as positive, negative or invalid. Therefore, there is no more need to do the subjective test is till today in most of the clinic used and is controversy.