Important information

considering Corona

Dear Patient, dear parents

For the safety of our patients, your families and the employees of this clinic we need to adapt our safety measurements according to the ongoing state of the corona pandemic. We would like to inform you about our new and old safety measurements.

  • Parents and their children (above 6 years of age, if possible, even younger) are required to wear a facemask while visiting the clinic.
  • Only one person may accompany the patient. Other accompanying person are required to wait outside the building (not in the stairway!)
  • If your child is feeling sick for a screening, cardiac examination, or vaccination, we would like you to call us in advance in order to give you further instructions on how to proceed

Patients who are not seriously ill and need prescriptions or any paperwork signed from us, we kindly ask to contact us via phone or email, and we will prepare the documents accordingly. You may pick them up on the same lately on the following day. Please do not appear in our office without making an appointment before.

In case of questions or problems outside of our opening hours you may call the medical services or – with questions regarding Corona – the health authorities in Heidelberg.

Medical Services:   116 117

Health authority:   06221 522 18 81


Infectious Consultation Hour

Patients with infectious diseases will get an appointment in our infectious consultation hour after calling us. These appointments take place at the end of our normal opening hours.

For your appointment we would like you to have your health insurance and mobile number ready at hand.

We will then send you outside for your waiting period, until the doctor is ready to see you. You will then be called back in. Please do not wait in the stairway.


Corona-swab for contacts

Please inform us by phone if the health authorities want your child to take a corona test. We will give you an extra appointment for that.

In this case we want you to give us a call or ring the doorbell before stepping into our doctor’s office. An employee will attend to you while you’re waiting in front of the building and give you further instructions.

Please have your health insurance card and the documents from the health authorities at hand.

The test results will be ready in 24-72 hours. You can pick them up via the corona application (QR-Code)

Thank you for your cooperation, be safe and stay healthy!
Praxis Dr. Goldwasser

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