You can immediately use our new service – video consultation with our physicians in the clinic.

Video consultation is already used in many countries and region and help us protect in those days ourselves as well as our patients and families from transmitting different contagious diseases.

In order to use this service, no installation in advance is needed. When you wish to make an appointment for this service you can do so online by clicking here ( or call us in the clinic under the known number 06224-76008. We will need an email address from you as well as a signed confidentiality contract that we are allowed to perform a video conference with you. This form you can download here and sign it and send it in advance per email to us or if you already signed it in our clinic than you are all done.

To participate in the video consultation, you will need a smartphone or a computer with camera and microphone. We will send you an email with your appointment details and link to log in just few minutes prior to your appointment. Together in the email you will also get a tan number which you will have to enter on the Patientus video consultation web site when logging in for your appointment. 

In case you have troubleshooting using the video service make sure to have an adequate WLAN/Internet on your device and to use Google Chrome (on Windows)- or Safari(on Apple)-Browser or on your Smartphone with the late Android-Version (and Google Chrome-Browser) or on iOS-Version (and Safari-Browser).


How it works:

1. You call us to make an appointment or make one online via our website (Before make sure you have your confidentiality contract signed and mailed to us)

2. You will receive an email from us as shown below which will have the link for the appointment and the tan number which you will have to put once yoz sign in to your appointment (click to enlarge)

3. Shortly before the planned apppointment you should click the link in the email and put the tan nummber that you got (click to enlarge)

4. You will be put in a virtual waiting area until one of our physicians will be ready to see and treat you. The consultation will start and you can share your problems with us. Once over you will be logged out.



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